Celebrating The Oscars at Balloons from All Occasions in Wheaton, Illinois!

Oversized Balloons Oscars from Balloons from All Occasions

The Academy Awards, the biggest night on the “Red Carpet,” is taking place tonight on Oscar Sunday…celebrating the best of the best in acting and movies!

Any time there is a celebration, there’s a reason for balloon decorations, like these oversized Oscars that will set the mood for one of the most glamorous events you could ever have!

Let us help you make it happen!

The History of Balloons

We have Michael Faraday to thank for the advent of the modern rubber balloon. Mr. Faraday was a scientist in England in the 1800s. He used the latex substance from the Ficus tree to create a balloon that he then used in his experiments with hydrogen. It was a year later before they were releasedContinue Reading